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AETEK designs and manufactures cutting-edge outdoor PoE solutions and video transmission devices for IP video surveillance. Aetek developed DMS (Device Management Software) for L2 smart & L2+ managed switches, which can greatly simplify the installation. Rugged outdoor 4/8 port PoE switches are equipped with AC surge protector and PoE surge protector for the extreme environment. AETEK solutions are preferred and recommended by system integrators and tier 1 IP camera brands worldwide.

AETEK also provides a series of all-in-one capacious ANPR camera housing fitting most of today's box/fixed cameras even equipped with 8-80mm varifocal lens. The camera housing is constructed from aluminum die casting to meet IP66/IK10 standards. These professional models are equipped with heater, blower, wiper, and built-in snapped in 48W IR LEDs specially using VAIR-IR technology to cover 2-lane ANPR detection. Besides elegant mechanical design, IR illuminator is snapped in camera housing directly to conceal RS-485 & power cables.The ANPR camera housing series has 2 sub-models supported by AC24V individually. P2900-IW & P2900-AIW are powered thru AC24V. P2900-AIW supports cold start at -40°C in the Arctic region.