The Surveillance Shop recently installed high definition camera systems at some of our facilities. The service, quality of work, and performance of the product has been excellent.

Wayne Sandmaier, Cenovus Oilsands Security

The best thing about them is service. If I have an issue, I make a call and it gets actioned right away.

Roger Monette, Conoco Phillips

They answered their phone when the others didn’t. They were personable and when I asked specific questions they were able to put together a package. They did this quickly and we were in need of it happening quickly. Our company sends out request to tender and they were the best deal.

Oryst Nazarko, Nexen Inc.

We are very pleased with the work you and your team have done for us on this project. We are reviewing the option of adding more cameras to this site as well as another site that Black Diamond operates in the Fort Nelson area. On behalf of Black Diamond, we thank you for being proficient, professional and informative throughout this process. We’ll be in touch with future requirements.

Carla Jones, Black Diamond Camps and Logistics

I like that the employees feel a sense of ownership with their company. When I have questions there is always someone who I can speak to.

Chung Young, Best Western Port O’ Call Hotel

They are easy to work with and provide a great service.

Mark Edwards, Westside Recreation Centre

We chose The Surveillance Shop because of their willingness to work with us on the reserve and their understanding of the work environment. They had great technical capabilities when we had problems, whether big or small, and they are culturally sensitive.

Wynand Steyn, Stoney Tribal Administration

They provide a valuable service to my industry. Because of the direction our society has taken in regards to accountability their company makes it easy for me. They provide an accountability for our police. They keep my officers safe and the public safe. It also provides evidence for the court system and cuts down on my overtime because I can provide proof of events that happen in our office.

Chief Leslie, Lacombe Police Force

I really like this system it’s so user friendly.

Gurbir Manhas, Loblaws

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